Love in a Village

We are proud to present a historic opportunity to attend the first complete performance, post-eighteenth century, of the full score of the comic opera Love in a Village.  The performance will take place on Friday, October 12 at 7pm.

Love in a Village (1762), by Thomas Arne and Isaac Bickerstaff, served as the sentimental antidote to Gay’s Beggar’s Opera (1728), and became (second only to Gay’s) the most-performed mainpiece on the eighteenth-century London stage, mirroring the sensibilities of the same middle class whose habits of cultural consumption allowed for the rise of the novel. The full score of Love in a Village had been available only in manuscript until recently; a new scholarly edition has enabled this extraordinary modern premiere.

This performance is open to the general public and conference attendees.  Please purchase tickets through the registration page.  Tickets are also available at the door.  The performance will be staged in the University’s Interfaith Chapel.

The production is generously sponsored by the University of Rochester's Humanities Project, NEASECS, and the University of Rochester's Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences.